Robb (09.30.08, 6:36 PM): 'nuff' - the amount needed to be left to avoid cleaning/refilling/buying more. HE: "When I put it back, there was plenty!" She:"No, you're clearly a nuffer, as you left only a nuff... grrr he's always nuffing the milk!"

maria (09.30.08, 10:10 AM): I'm going to say "jettmo". So, it would be, "WHO JETTMOED THE OJ! Jettmo= Just Enough To Tick Me Off! Lol. Loved reading the answers!

dan r (09.28.08, 5:11 PM): How about to "Unfinish"

Tracy (09.27.08, 11:41 PM): I'm a fan of Neal's suggestion... short pour!... We had one main culprit at the yellow mansion...

Sabine (09.27.08, 11:27 PM): I like the 'storter" suggestion! ;-)

Neal (09.27.08, 7:49 PM): May I suggest: "Short Pour / Short Pourer". Hey...Who Short Poured the OJ?

michael andrew (09.26.08, 10:01 PM): Im loving these suggestions. The best thing about this is, when we have our decided definition, Ill make an entry for it on here, and it will register with the search engines. HA!

Scott Roeben (09.26.08, 11:44 AM): I'm going to vote for "Stort." A combination of "stop" and "short." They stop short of finishing, enabling them to avoid refillilng. Someone who storts can be called a Storter. Example in common usage: I storted this sentence so I didn't have to waste time ending it with a

Shawn (09.26.08, 8:55 AM): A Tenner. Someone who leaves something at 10%

Karen (09.26.08, 6:28 AM): I submit Drop Kick/Drop Kicker....because said person only left a drop and needs to have their butt kicked for it. :D I offer my son for the first kick!!

Shawn (09.26.08, 5:37 AM): Ok Its early, but for my first suggestion it would be Drizzle, Drizzled. Definitions:a very light rain Meteorology. precipitation consisting of numerous, minute droplets of water less than 1/50 in. (0.5 mm) in diameter.