Diane (09.27.08, 7:18 PM): ...by the way, WHO is the model?

Diane (09.27.08, 7:17 PM): I keep going back & forth....the first one...no, the second...wait, no the first one....they're both good and both have their pros and cons

Nicole (09.22.08, 8:40 AM): I like the softer one also, it is more real and fresh.

dan r (09.20.08, 10:21 PM): Michael- I like the first one, it looks like a soft painting or something. its different- keep up the good work!

Rob (09.20.08, 9:13 PM): I like the second image M. The effect on the first one just doesn't do the model any justice.

Laurie (09.20.08, 8:08 PM): Hate to say it but her hair also looks dried out, like straw and I think it ages her quite a bit too.

Laurie (09.20.08, 8:04 PM): Hi Michael, I like this type of look on men but not ladies. Brings out too many features that look like flaws. Moles, pores, facial hair etc.