dk (04.30.18, 9:34 AM): forgot to add; new venom trailer looks BAAAAD!!!

dk (04.30.18, 9:33 AM): I agree. They are still running radio ads (as of yesterday) with no info as to the new limitations. frustrating.. saw A:IW yesterday too. interesting movie. after 30 mins of preview, I got out 3 hrs later. I find it tough to wait another year to see what happened// happens to everyone. lol at the end of the 10 min credit scroll, Nick Fury Sam Jackson made a "funny" distress call to presumably capt..marvel. its a long wait, but was kind of worth it.

Michael Andrew (04.27.18, 10:53 PM): I am very disappointed about Movie Pass Baiting and Switching! I think they are going to get sued.

dk (04.27.18, 10:01 AM): Thanks Michael. I was on the fence here. I'll go see it now. I love super hero movies, but recently have been burned out by over used CGI characters, etc. I'll give it a shot! p.s. word on the street moviepass is going down to 4 movies /month. boo! :P