Dave (01.12.18, 3:12 PM): Thanks for the review MA! I agree mostly with your review. Below are some thoughts and reactions that I have after seeing it 2 times. This movie is different in the fact that I've never felt so good coming out of a screening, and then running through it in the days after, my opinion deteriorated greatly based on the writing. My "what could have been/should have been" written is annoying for most writers, but felt across the die hard fans. #1; felt it was a cop out that Rey's lineage wasn't determined. (should have been a skywalker) #2; Skywalker lost his Jedi-card. the optimism of the jedi ways was lost with Rian Johnson writing and Kennedy producing. Luke was a defeatist and was dead to me. #3; the social issues at the casino were not needed (free the animals) #4; pure kindergarten known physics were completely ignored...I mean how can a BIG 'ol ship NOT catch up to a tiny cruiser and the last half of the movie be so focused on something like this 4b; would have been a great way to let Carrie/Leia sign off...but to have her float through space alive...cmon. 5. Chewy had virtually no role except for scenes with the porgs, for comical interest. 6. we lost all the potential for Phasma and Snoke, "we'll never know" who they were. they deserved more backstory or future. 7. Lets face it; there was no real dance. Sky walker could have had one last beautiful saber fight IN PERSON, (ala obi-won style) but was only virtual reality; then dies on his own. c'mon man! 7b - does anyone recall seeing a xwing drowned? that had so much creative potential for luke. 8. overall humor was cute but overdone and cheapened the star wars cannon imo. 9. Yoda, lighting/burning of the tree...? Ok, I'm done. off to catch some new flicks this long weekend! Happy Weekend!!! David