Kathy (09.10.08, 5:23 PM): I kept looking for the backsides of the two humans inside the suits that were facing each other and decided that they had really flat butts and small feet... or it truly was a machine. ...the thing looked so real I was feeling sorry for it when it was kicked I wanted to kick the kicker....lol

Melissa (09.10.08, 3:38 PM): That really freaks me out...it's cool & all, but will these things one day grow a mind of their own & take over the world?? :)

Scott Roeben (09.10.08, 12:15 PM): Truly amazing. It's weird. The movements were so lifelike, I felt badly for the thing when the guy kicked it! If you watch it closely, the leg movements are so articulated, it looks like two people carrying a heavy load. I could watch this thing all day.

kim (09.10.08, 10:55 AM): what would've been interesting...if when the guy kicked it it turned around and attacked it's not very quiet, people would hear that coming a mile away..more stealth I say...sneak up on CHARLIE!

Kjersti (09.10.08, 3:41 AM): I could hardly believe what I was seeing. It certainly looks like it is alive, but missing a head. Amazing recovery ability. WOW!

Rob (09.10.08, 1:52 AM): Wow, that is amazing! Its movements are like that of a living being. I thought the physics of it on the ice were incredibly human like. At first when he kicked I thought it was a horse the way it staggered.. Nice find M.