Kathryn (09.04.08, 7:26 PM): Great! I just got photoshop cs3 and am still feeling my way around...Glad to know about bridge...hadn't gotten to that yet and was really having a difficult time accessing my photos! Thanks Michael and Rob!

Rob (09.04.08, 1:36 AM): Bridge and lightroom are basically the same. Adobe created bridge to make the images easier to access and to speed up the workflow.Then adobe added camera raw. Then they thought "let's put the two together" and thus lightroom was born. Lightroom does have some great features like the web photo gallery, and the export to the web via ftp.

Hagen (09.03.08, 10:43 AM): Camera Raw is a great tool! Presets are helpful for multiple photos. OnOne software has 100 FREE ACR presets made by Jack Davis at the bottom of the downloads page. ;-)

Boz (09.03.08, 9:41 AM): Yet another Great Blog Tip - Thanks Michael!

Melissa (09.03.08, 9:02 AM): I LOVE Camera Raw. I've recently experimented with it more - with both RAW & JPEGs. It's a great tool to have. :)