David K (07.21.17, 9:36 AM): I agree, the movie was good, VERY Good. Times of momentary confusion between the three intertwined stories, but they solved themselves. Music was a bit overwhelming too. Definitely recommend seeing it on the biggest IMAX screen you can find. You will feel like you are flying/boating. thank GOODNESS they didn't mess with 3D on this. In the midst of tension at the end when Farrior landed his plane on the beach and hit the cockpit with the flare, I have to say there is a hidden easter egg there....Hardy/BANE...look for it..its there and put a small grin on my face. For all of the movies I've seen this is honestly the first with absolutely NO character development, and it wasn't missed because of the masterful writing. Any other directors/writers try that, and they'd get a one star. Thanks for letting me add on. As always, Thank you, and I love your reviews MA!!! -DK