Ricardo Campbell (04.30.18, 8:49 PM): Im interested in Nikon D5600 training DVD for my client. I see that the D5500 got great reviews.

Rick (03.25.18, 11:12 AM): Please let me know when your D5600 video is available online, thanks.

Robert Parlman (01.06.18, 5:17 PM): Let me know when tutorial for Nikon 5600 is completed for sale .

Ellen Rosen (01.01.18, 4:25 PM): Please let me know when the Nikon D5600 crash course comes out! Thanks

Douglas White (11.06.17, 2:49 PM): Want to know when the D5600 course will be available

Jimi (10.29.17, 1:00 PM): Just got a d5600 and would love some insight...

Tom Steyaert (07.31.17, 3:48 AM): Hi, I'm interested in the training video for the nikon d5600. Please send me a message when it is finished. Thanx