Boz (08.27.08, 1:53 PM): 12800 - oh I am coveting ! And I just spent the money today on additional insulation on our home .... hmmmm, fun camera vs. super energy effeciancey...seems like a toss up, I mean really how cold can it get here in Canada!

Elsie (08.26.08, 5:56 PM): It's rumored that Nikon will be releasing 2 more Pro Series cameras this Fall, including the D3X. I'm wondering if Canon is holding back on the 7D to trump Nikon on the mid pro level model.

Hagen (08.26.08, 2:00 PM): I was looking forward to the new 5D. I think I'll check this one out. Maybe the 40D will drop in price a little more and then I'll get a second one...BTW, great blog!

george (08.26.08, 11:54 AM): well, i have been convincing the other half of a 40D. if she says "yes", i wonder if we should discuss the introduction of 50d? hmmm he-he

michael andrew (08.26.08, 10:40 AM): Estimated price is $1400

Gary (08.26.08, 10:00 AM): Oh I am soo wanting this camera! DVD in the works Michael?

Alexandra (08.26.08, 9:26 AM): Very exciting, this sounds like a must have!

george (08.26.08, 8:09 AM): OH MY GOD!!!!! they took it to another level with the 12,800 ISO and the rest of the specs. I can't wait to hear the price. may be over $3,000-$4,000