Tracy (08.26.08, 9:58 PM): You know I really think that stress is the best motivator. For me right now I just had my 2nd premmie baby, this one at 24 weeks and I have to keep everything (or feel like I have to) for my family and my lil' daughter at home. It's amazing how we are wired to handle stress. For me I think stress is the main motivator in my life.

Jonathan Pavlica (08.26.08, 8:31 PM): When I awake and before I go to sleep what motivates me to strive to be what I have choose is my kids. I want to show them how hard work pays off. I'm only a student but I love the art of Photography and I will strive to show that in each of my images. With that love that I can express to my children I can see that in my art. It sounds cliche but really its what drives me, everyday, and believe me its hard to get out to shoot when I want to, but when I do its worth it.

Elizabeth (08.25.08, 11:22 PM): haha, the first thing that popped in my head was food, which can be true, free food, or a very well cooked meal is definitely a motivator...(I need to rewire my brain since that was the first thing that popped in my head before I balloon)...things that motivate me: deadlines and goals, good examples, knowing I will be held accountable, the Scriptures and seeing the hand of God in mine and others lives...

Maria (08.25.08, 12:13 PM): Hey, haven't checked your blog in a while. Still looks good. Did you ever explain what you did that you were horribly terrified of? I believe someone just had a birthday? I hope that someone had a great day. Look for something in the mail from us shortly....

Kathy (08.25.08, 6:14 AM): I used to be motivated by worldly standards…money, material possessions, appearance, approval, success, the list goes on and on. My relationships were disasters, my family was hurting, my financial situation was like a bucket with a hole in it, my possessions were never satisfying, I worked, worked, worked and was never truly content. 7 years ago, despite being raised in church, I met Jesus for the first time and accepted him as my Savior. I can honestly say that my eyes aren’t on worldly standards any more, I don’t see anything the same as I saw it before, and my motivation is Him. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path”. My relationships are Godly now, God is fixing my family, my bucket no longer has a hole in it, I lack nothing and want for nothing, and I have peace and contentment in my relationships, my life, my work, and my play, even in difficult times. :)

Sabine (08.25.08, 2:33 AM): Wow! The pursuit of contentment or satisfaction does become tricky when you are perfectionist. Setting goals too high is often my dilemma. The result? A) discontentment due to non-achievement B) procrastination due to subconsciously knowing that the goals are too high C) fear of not achieving goals--thus becoming complacent (stagnant, paralyzed). Yes! there is a very fine line in it all.

Dad (08.25.08, 2:03 AM): Cash

Rob (08.24.08, 10:05 PM): I'm motivated by the people who surround me. As long as they smile and feel good from what I have done it is all worth it. A simple compliment of a job well done is such a motivator for me. This doesn't just apply to photography. I feel this way in all that I do. I get a great feeling of satisfaction when I help someone. So I guess what I am saying is, positive, good feelings coming from others is what motivates me.

michael andrew (08.24.08, 8:01 PM): thanks for sharing! I love to hear why people do things!

george (08.24.08, 6:08 PM): when one works for the "man" a positive reinforcement is pretty much the only motivator when your salary is over ~$50K. it is scientifically proven. "impressing" my wife and making her happy is what motivates me. and i dont mean i am her slave, but when i put a smile on her face, i am in heaven. She feels the same.