Carrie (08.26.08, 5:58 PM): I just purchased a canon 40D-- this is my first digital SLR and i love it. The online classes have been so helpful. I'm glad I stumbled on your site!!! Ive been shooting for years with a 35mm canon AE1 and developing in B/W, and I'm getting the hang of the 40D pretty quick, but i'm terrible with computers. Any advice for where to go for help? Planning on any training videos for computer dummies? ...

Rob (08.25.08, 11:33 PM): Great Micheal! Once again, thanks for making it available to us all!!!!

Gary (08.25.08, 10:03 PM): Great Job Michael!

Chase (08.25.08, 4:33 PM): Well I like it. MA pulls it off pretty well I think...

Edgar (08.25.08, 4:02 PM): I really don't like the dutch tilt. Really, really, really don't like it. Maybe in certain situations when i am trying to get the entire object into the picture. Otherwise it should not be used.

Boz (08.25.08, 1:33 PM): Just checked out your updates - VERY NICE JOB!! Smooth and Speedy!

Amber (08.25.08, 12:08 PM): Love your blog. I found it through someone elses. Your work is phenominal! I've always loved photography but have never actually done it. I've played with it before but I don't have all the proper equipment, camera and software to really do it. I love your work though, seriously amazing!