michael andrew (08.20.08, 11:50 AM): should work. Make sure you have a flash and you practice with your settings enough to be able to do it in any lighting situation.

Sabine (08.20.08, 10:32 AM): This is a great idea. Thanks Mike. I have a Canon 40D. What kind of lens would I need for this? I currently have a Tamron 17-55mm. Will that do?

michael andrew (08.19.08, 8:13 PM): Sure Meredith, just email me. Thanks!

meredith (08.19.08, 7:41 PM): I actually have a friend in idaho who would be interested in doing this, if your friend Warren is in her area and if he needs someone, would you mind telling me where he lives?

george (08.19.08, 3:07 PM): pete, that makes sense. thanks for the clarification. not a bad idea and (if it works), it can at least pay for the equipment.

Pete (08.19.08, 2:51 PM): George, Doctors keep photographs of this type on your permanent record. Just information to keep on a patient's progress as well as a reminder to show how far a patient has come with treatment. They can also be shown to potential patients as a way to say, "Hey, we fixed this person's teeth imagine what we can do for you!" There are multiple uses for these types of photos. I really don't know how much of a market there is for a freelance dental photographer. Most of the established Dentists that I know and work with have people in house for these types of shots. The market I would think would be with new dentists coming right out of school.

george (08.19.08, 2:32 PM): i am a little confused...so why would the dentist hire you to take a "before and after" of his/her clients? once he has one picture, he can show it over and over again. please elaborate. maybe i misunderstood it.

Pete (08.19.08, 12:44 PM): Excellent idea Mike. I don't know if I had ever told you this, but this is what I do for the Orthodontist that I work for. Well, a variation of it. A macro ringflash and wide angle macro lens are invaluable. There are also an assortment of cheek retractors and specialty micro attachments that come in real handy for cosmetic as well as general dentists.