Suzanne (08.24.08, 9:24 AM): Canon came out with the Speedlite 430EX II in June, but B&H doesn't carry that yet. Just purchased a tripod with a link from your site, but can't do the same for the flash. Any pull from your end?

Elsie (08.20.08, 12:36 PM): Maybe Adorama will be knocking on your door soon as well. It seems wherever B+H affiliates with, so does Adorama. Either way, it's great for you!

michael andrew (08.19.08, 12:12 AM): thanks to everyone who has already used it for purchases, I appreciate it!

Sabine (08.18.08, 10:54 PM): Congratulations Michael ! I kind of thought that your site was already an inofficial sponsor of B&H, because people here always point out when there are good "sales" for certain things at B&H. I'm glad that it is official now and benefitting you, your school, and thereby, all of us :-)

Gary (08.15.08, 7:40 PM): Wooo Hooo!!!! Yes we shall all contribute in what ever way we can! We are here to help one who has helped us.

Kathy (08.15.08, 4:18 PM): I have never checked out B&H but I certainly will now.

Scott Roeben (08.15.08, 3:54 PM): Oh, and one other thing. "...What's about to become one of the biggest and best free photography schools in the world." Dude, that's already what it is!

Scott Roeben (08.15.08, 3:53 PM): Great partnership! I'm always a little dubious about these partnerships (some bloggers seem to praise those Totally Rad Actions just a bit too often for my tastes), because it makes one wonder if reviews are being altered to suit a sponsor or generate affiliate income. But in this case, it's a perfect match! B&H has such a good reputation, and their prices are among the best anywhere. I hope this turns out to be a lucrative partnership for you. Let's defray some of those hosting costs, eh?

Rob (08.15.08, 1:12 PM): Michael, congrats! Thats great news. See how karma works. All the good you do comes back to help you.