Sabine (08.10.08, 12:49 AM): Michael, do you have any German in you? I'm asking because I know some people who are notorious for doing things right and if they can't do them right, they wont do them at all. (Anyway, those notorious people are German)

michael andrew (08.08.08, 10:08 PM): I just finished this particular video- It only took 4 days of my life, but hey...its GOOD! Thanks for your input and support Scott, I appreciate it!

Scott Roeben (08.08.08, 5:32 PM): There you are! You're so right about this. It's more than an individual post or image or video. It's about your brand, and how it can be eroded so easily. When you find a photographer or instructor or blogger who just slaps up whatever they have to put something up, it shows, and they go down a notch or two...either consciously or subconsciously. There's a reason people don't have such high standards. It's because it's harder. But it also means creating a brand that means something.