Medora Pepper (09.01.08, 3:33 PM): Hey Michael! Just thought I would let you know, there is a Red Robin in Trussville located at the Pinnacle(mall). I actually ate there yesterday and the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap is wonderful! Happy Labor Day!

Tracy (08.11.08, 10:55 PM): I grew up eating there, I LOVE their fry salt!

Natalie (08.08.08, 6:57 AM): We got a Red Robin earlier this year and it's pretty awesome!

Nicole (08.07.08, 12:04 PM): We LOVE RR! I am so thankful I found you! Just a mom with a canon 40D, a passion for photography and trying to self teach. You are so helpful.

Jonni (08.07.08, 1:29 AM): My favorite is the Chili Chili cheese burger, it's fantastic. And instead of regular steak fries you get GARLIC steak fries- What can be better???!

Kjersti (08.06.08, 9:30 PM): I miss Red Robin. They have the ads for them in HI, but they don't have a Red Robin here. Maybe the ads mean they will be getting one.

Boz (08.06.08, 6:04 PM): Oh man, that looks way too good, I'm trying to lose weight here!!! Good thing there are no Red Robins in least none near by!

Elizabeth (08.06.08, 6:00 PM): LOVE Red Robin!!! Glad you liked it...

george (08.06.08, 5:39 PM): i like the one with the egg, and the one with the "fries" on top. but have not gone to one in quite sometime.

heidi (08.06.08, 2:31 PM): there is also a red robin in montgomery. my fave is the bleu ribbon burger!!!

george (08.06.08, 2:05 PM): eat there two times in a month and you will get sick of it. their drinks are so full of sugar that one's teeth can fall out.

michael andrew (08.06.08, 1:07 PM): Pete- Try it! They are dang good!

kim (08.06.08, 1:02 PM): Red Robin, yummmmmm

Pete (08.06.08, 12:16 PM): We have one near my house. I haven't been to it yet, but I heard it was good.

Thad (08.06.08, 11:28 AM): Yes, Red Robin is good. I especially like the Royal Red Robin Burger(Madsen introduced me to it). We do have them in Alabama--B'ham and Huntsville for sure.