Dee (11.08.08, 5:23 PM): Decluttering is like renovating - do one room at a time, or it becomes overwhelming. When you finish one room, the rest of the house looks lousy in comparison and that's how you get inspired to tackle another room. Just my two cents here.

Frank Donaldson (08.03.08, 7:53 PM): How true. I have so much of it my head spins! wish I could get my wife and kids to see how much toll it's taken on us! I think I'm gonna have an anxiety attack!!! Shouldn't have to prod and pry your wife to get things dejunked and organized! Sorry Michael you opened a can of worms for me this is my worst battle. Any suggestions anyone????? Love the feedback people give on here, I love that it's not just about photography here but that you really care and look after us in a way here. Thanks Michael your like a brother I havn't met yet.:) Sorry had to vent here, feel like this is a safe place to do so.