Mark Iuzzolino (11.20.16, 8:32 PM): Michael, thank you. I will listen to this tonight while laying in bed. I've been suffering from this since 2004. I was going through a horrible divorce, very stressful time, and had the worse flu in my lifetime. After that they started ringing and thought it was temporary like most times they rang. It never stopped. I'll let you know if this helps. Thanks for sharing!

Michael The Maven (11.14.16, 1:57 AM): Thank You Stuart- It was nice to hear from you. I don't know anyone else personally who has it, and I think it is difficult for my family and friends to relate to and understand. I have looped this track for 6 hours and listen to it constantly.

Stuart Whelan (11.14.16, 1:24 AM): Thank you Michael for your post on Tinnitus. As a fellow sufferer I know the discomfort it causes at night when it is playing up and the constant annoying that impacts hearing others at time. My problem occurred after standing to the side but in front of a live fire practice on field training manoeuvres with our Air Force without adequate ear protection - put it down to young and stupid. I listened to the clip and it did help which is really encouraging - at the moment my tinittus is quite low so I will add this to my bag of tricks for when it plays up. Thanks again.