Boz (08.04.08, 2:54 PM): WOW, I am Loving these Lolipops Michael - I tried out this application on a pic from a recent wedding while watching the tutorial - soo easy! You're right, the application for this set of actions are incredible. What's more is your training videos are great - I heard a comment this morning on how your training videos were not even in the same league as most because of how clearly you speak the instructions and show the details! Great Job! ps. How's Arizona? Is this your second year doing this?

Scott Roeben (08.04.08, 1:39 PM): Great tutorial! Thanks for posting it. You make it so clear and simple.

Casey (08.03.08, 9:27 PM): That's so great! I'm going to go find a shot now and try using my lollipops to do that. Great video!

Kjersti (08.03.08, 4:51 PM): I like your training demo. You make things really easy to follow.

george (08.03.08, 10:40 AM): i dont have quick time.... and dont want to download it. have it in another format?

Rob (08.03.08, 12:41 AM): It not only added green to the grass but some saturation to the flowers that really made them "POP!"

Gary (08.02.08, 9:30 PM): Great!!! You should name them the color is found, because I cannot see this image without the green green grass of home!! Beautiful Michael!

Elizabeth (08.02.08, 4:06 PM): I really like that, very beautiful...