dan r (08.02.08, 3:39 PM): I trust you Michael...thanks for the heads up!

Kjersti (08.02.08, 5:26 AM): I read your review and then I read Roger Ebert's review. I had plans to see it, so I told my friend what both of the reviews were. We went with Roger's review and we liked the movie just as he did. Yes, Rachel was not very good, but the Yeti were fun. I agreed with your review of the X-Files. I thought it was right on. I just like looking at Brenden Fraiser. Maybe that is what kept me there :-)

Rob (08.01.08, 11:24 PM): Is it just me or did they just re-create the the robot "Johnny 5" from the movie Short Circuit?

Elsie (08.01.08, 7:12 PM): Thanks for the warning. It's not unusual for Part III to fizzle. I'll wait for the DVD. If you have'nt seen Wall.E; please go see to make up for this disaster.

Pete (08.01.08, 2:49 PM): Skip this and go see Dark Knight again thats my vote.

michael andrew (08.01.08, 2:27 PM): I would much rather you feel bummed reading this, than going to the theater and feeling like you have just been robbed. ;)

Gary (08.01.08, 2:03 PM): These reviews are good but bad because I have lost my zeal to go to the movie theaters!!!!

Scott Roeben (08.01.08, 12:26 PM): Oh, and while I'm thinking of it, don't forget some photography tips and tricks-related posts from time to time, too! Ark.

Scott Roeben (08.01.08, 12:24 PM): Thank you for the advance word on this! I was tempted, just because the earlier ones were kind of fun. Saved us all some bucks!