Steven (zboom) Gibbs (07.11.11, 2:09 PM): Michael, I just came to your blog just to look around and get some info on cameras. The photos of this wedding are great. I would like to start shooting weddings but do I get started?

Scott Roeben (07.22.08, 1:42 PM): Gotta vote for the self-portrait in the cell phone! Great shot!

Caroline (07.22.08, 1:09 PM): Beautiful!

Christina Dykes (07.22.08, 7:06 AM): BLUE STEEL DONKEY, lol. what an awesome, awesome day! You captured stolen and fleeting moments from most memorable day of Nina and George's life and most of all you captured all of our hearts! You're an amazing photographer and person! we all had a wonderful day and part of it was because of you and Gary!

michael andrew (07.22.08, 1:01 AM): thanks again for coming up Gary- I really appreciated meeting you for all the help you have given on the forum!

Gary (07.21.08, 2:11 PM): WOW!! What a weekend!!! It was great to work with you this weekend Michael, and thanks again for the opportunity! I learn't soo much from you and the wedding we shot, you are truly a master of your craft. Michael, your personality, positive energy and professionalism that day were nothing short of brilliant, especially as we were at a non stop pace. Your attitude and client interaction was phenomenal!!! You are a true photographer my friend, 95% people skills 5% technical skills, with an added 10% for being awesome!!!

Clint (07.21.08, 12:18 PM): I really love the cell phone picture.

Rob (07.21.08, 11:51 AM): Beautiful! Sounds like you both had a great time. Looks like Gary got some extra credit for finding shapes. Star, octagon, circle, triangle all in one picture. Nice shot!