Ric (01.24.09, 10:15 AM): that nuvi plain sucks...I was very disapointed when I bought it here in Italy. I then bough at TOM TOM and I couldnt believe the difference.

michael andrew (07.24.08, 2:11 AM): i cannot believe how much I use this thing or how I ever managed without it. I find gas stations, food, even today I found the nearest Toyota Dealership because my Prius needed an oil change. Ive even found myself talking / arguing with it....lol

Heather (07.21.08, 11:59 AM): I picked up one ealier this year for weddings, and have loved it so far. It is good to "plan you route" sometimes when going a long distance though, it may take you sightseeing along the way! Definatlely worth the investment - now for the fun part to upload the different voices, ie. Mr. T - "Turn around fool!"

george (07.21.08, 7:13 AM): thanks, pete. i appreciate the reply. i have been looking for one that i can take on vacations.

Pete (07.20.08, 5:55 PM): George, I have had this model for several months. Very good GPS, but you will need to update the maps as soon as you get it. It is not good at finding the fastest route. There are multiple times that I have beat the projected arrival time by taking short cuts that I know. It does show all types of gas and food info. Excellent buy. I recommend it 100%

george (07.20.08, 10:29 AM): you are never going to believe this...just the other day i started to investigate GPS systems beause i am tired of printind directions while on vacation. Does it give you restaurant and gas station information too? how about live traffic updates?