Sean Woods (05.03.16, 11:57 AM): Hi Michael, these pics are truly inspiring! You have taught my wife and I so much using you vids and your blog! Thanks again for everything, Sean

David Kay (10.26.10, 1:33 PM): Thanks Michael for all your help,you have inspired me to learn and keep learning. Your photos are truly inspiring. You truly are a credit to photography.

xmatch (12.13.08, 6:08 AM): Hey Michael The best think I liked in your work was the Dutch Tilt, I always thought that was (could be) a stupid idea. But now, after looking at your stunning work, I feel even more stupid lolz .. I just got my rebel xsi.. hope i'll learn (and share my work) a lot with you. Thanks for such a great help.

Night Fox (08.08.08, 12:52 PM): Like the shots.. I Was in Maui Last year.. love it.. did not have my camera at the time.. I will make sure I get on when I go next time

michael andrew (07.17.08, 4:50 PM): yep...all one trip...thanks!

dan r (07.17.08, 1:16 PM): these are wonderous pictures- please dont take this the wrong way Michael, you took all these on one trip?

Halah (07.16.08, 9:14 PM): Hi Michael, very nice pictures... Thanks

michael andrew (07.16.08, 4:19 PM): you are all very welcome. Feel free to share!

Scott (07.16.08, 2:16 PM): What a great collection. Thanks for making these available. It's almost like being there, but without the melanoma!

Alexandra (07.16.08, 12:33 PM): Thank you Michael!

Rob (07.16.08, 12:56 AM): I love the misty mountains and the moody sky. The aerial shot of the sun and clouds is now my Desktop. Thanks for sharing the photos.