John Wilson (07.28.16, 8:09 AM): I bought the D500 yesterday as an additional body to my D800 I would like to receive your tutorials Regards John Wilson

Andy Routsis (06.27.16, 2:45 PM): Please let me know when the Nikon D500 training course is available.

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M wainwright (05.26.16, 8:52 AM): Could you please email me you're course.

Martin Weiss (05.25.16, 8:36 PM): Please let me know when I can order your training video for the nikon D500

Kevin Cuevas (05.25.16, 1:57 PM): Please email when this Nikon 500 Training Tutorial Crash Course is available. I am very much interested as i find your teaching very easy to follow. Thanks

Dan Davis (05.25.16, 12:00 PM): Please let me know when the full course come out

Kirk (05.25.16, 9:00 AM): I have also just purchased a D500 and would really appreciate a course on the details.

Ron (05.25.16, 12:20 AM): Please let me know when it is ready for purchase

Amy (05.24.16, 3:50 PM): Notify me for the full D500 tutorial.

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Betsy Y. Spath (05.21.16, 5:31 PM): I'm so ready for the course. Coming from 7100, I'm learning a new beast! Let me know please!

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