aniket (07.29.16, 4:06 AM): i got info aboit this compitition lately. can i submit now?

Hayden (07.26.16, 12:33 PM): How many people usually join this contest??

Michael Andrew (07.24.16, 11:52 PM): Yes we only send out one email per contestant. We are in the judging stages still, it will take a little bit of time to go through them all. Thank you for your patience!

Erik (07.23.16, 5:18 AM):

Erik (07.22.16, 4:13 AM): Hey Michael, I send you 6 emails with contest submission and I recieved just one reply about submitting photo. Do you reply to all emails automatically? I just want to be sure you received all my photos. Next question - wheb is contest deadline? In the banner on your website is July 31st, but in contest page description is July where's the true? :-) thank you Erik

Hailey (07.21.16, 1:25 PM): Just wondering when the winners will be announced?

Fern (07.19.16, 11:28 AM): Hi the deadline is July 31st ? Was that changed ? As it's that on "banner" but on info page says May 15th - July 15th Please let me know Cheers

pavan (07.09.16, 4:53 AM): Can i add two categories images in a single mails

nabial (07.05.16, 11:39 PM): I can't get how to rename the photo, is it says to rename the photo or email subject... plz give me a favor

Dinesh K Sarawagi (07.02.16, 5:53 PM): Keep up The Good Work ...

Edward Bucsa (06.27.16, 10:24 PM): Hello, in the example you show: "Macro-2016-Michael-Andrew-4562.jpg” What is the 4562 for?

Vicky (06.16.16, 7:14 AM): Do the entrants have to send seven photos (one per category) or can they send only one photo in one category?

Kate (06.02.16, 10:44 AM): Nikhil - Yes, you can enter in every category.

Nikhil (05.31.16, 12:47 AM): We can enter in all categories right?

Michael (05.26.16, 1:39 PM): Luis- You should be ok if it was taken in 2016. These are rules we are asking for everyone to be honest on and you will know that answer better than anyone. Thanks!

Luis Portelles (05.25.16, 9:53 PM): I have a couple of questions about shots that I might consider as potential entries. My mistake, I did not set the date setter when I first tried it for a shoot out - I have e-mail evidence of when I got the camera- as far back as a few weeks ago in 2016. Would that disqualify the entries even if the e-mail evidence is provided as of when I got the camera? A re-shoot might be an expected suggestion if feasible. Can I re-shoot an image that I know where to find it for image EXIF qualification purposes? Cheers, Luis

Krishna Prasad (05.18.16, 12:24 AM): Sports and Action Photography. Is birds in flight/ Birds in action considered in Sports and Action Photography ?

Al Hughes (05.15.16, 9:15 PM): Sounds like fun Michael. I've shared a link on FB and have a lot of photography friends, maybe they'll take up the challenge too.

suli (05.15.16, 7:29 AM): I just want to make it clear here: for portraits in children and family photographer, I must not submit my works in these category, yes? I can submit all other categories? thanks

Michael The Maven (05.09.16, 1:48 PM): @ Jonathan - Yes City Scape and Night Scapes are both types of landscapes. @Ariel - You can shoot film yes, but the images will still need to be submitted by digital image. Thanks!

Denis Allard (05.09.16, 9:06 AM): I'm in! Looking forward to this.

Jonathan Payet (05.08.16, 4:35 AM): Hi Micheal.... Small question... Is city scape/ nightscape classified under laandscape....? Thanks in advance :)

Ariel (05.07.16, 3:09 PM): I have two questions. 1. I shoot sometimes with 35mm film SLR there are no mention about it. Is it allow to use? 2. What is the category for astrophotograph?