michael andrew (07.12.08, 1:42 AM): warren's daughter is a natural model...she would change her pose and facial expression after every shot (this is a 5 year old BTW) it was a little scary...in a good way. I dont know who taught her this, but it is absolutely the best way to shoot models.

Tracy (07.11.08, 12:20 AM): I just like the air jordan quality the shadow pic has!

Gary (07.10.08, 3:39 PM): OMG, the last is a WINNER!!!! That is beauty pagent material.

Priscila (07.10.08, 10:01 AM): Love the Blue Steel !!

Elizabeth (07.10.08, 9:55 AM): I am lovin' the trampoline shots, very nice. And that girl has posing down perfect, what fun pictures...

Ryan (07.10.08, 9:27 AM): cool shots Michael! Try jumping on the ground after getting off the trampoline. If you had a trampoline growing up, you'll know what I'm talking about! :)

Kearstin (07.10.08, 8:39 AM): I'm lovin the pictures Mike. Thanks for coming and staying with us. Thanks for taking the time to take our pictures. You are wonderful.

Kjersti (07.10.08, 3:11 AM): I don't know what it is about shadows of people that I love. They seem to have a life of their own. Great one on the trampoline.

Maria (07.10.08, 12:57 AM): LOVE the orange peel lollipop added to the pics. Looks way awesome! Cute, cute kids!

Gary (07.10.08, 12:48 AM): Great and CRAZY shot Michael. I knew a guy that tried to videotape himself doing the same thing and broke a leg and an ankle. The things you do for fun and photography! I also love the shot of the boy.