Dave Simmons (03.27.16, 6:53 PM): Hello, I am anxiously waiting for the course add I've purchased the camera and have had it for almost 3 weeks. I already enjoy the first two training tutorials you posted, they were very good, to the point, and informative.

Arlene (03.26.16, 10:58 AM): I am interested in the 6300 crash course when available.

Richard (03.24.16, 3:06 PM): Please notify me when Sony a6300 tutorial is available

Adam Kostandy (03.21.16, 9:55 PM): Letc me know when this is available in am so hype for it thank you

Georgina Profitt (03.15.16, 1:16 PM): Would like to know when the tutorial DVD/lessons for the Sony A6300 are available. Thank you, G. Profitt