Chemy (04.16.16, 9:34 PM): Congrats to the winner! I did my best sharing it everyday but well, not my turn this time!

Michael The Maven (04.16.16, 6:40 PM): Our winner is David W from Florida. (See above in the widget). I have reached out to him by email and am awaiting his response. Thank you to everyone who participated- we will be sending out a coupon code shortly for everyone who played for a discount on everything in the store.

Edward Kris (04.16.16, 3:04 AM): When will the winner be contacted, and via what?

Sal (04.15.16, 11:31 AM): hopefully i will be able to win.

Keaton (04.13.16, 1:29 PM): Thanks for the contest. I'm sharing.. Hoping for the best!

cat c (04.12.16, 8:25 PM): Helo! i really hope i win because im trying to earn money and i would love to win the camera thats all im asking for my birthday hehe thank u so much1

Cristian Aldaco (04.11.16, 6:06 PM): hello Michael i hope i win the drone because i been looking for something to record but this drones are too expensive. thanks for read!! Good Luck everyone!!

Iordache Sergiu Liviu (04.10.16, 11:48 AM): Thanks for the opportunity !

Gerardo Kilmurray (04.06.16, 10:45 PM): Hola

Gerardo Kilmurray (04.06.16, 10:42 PM): Great

HeMan (03.30.16, 8:35 AM): Hi, now that I've got to know your site, I will look forward to have a better look at its contents. Thanks for the opportunity.

Elouan Briantais (03.26.16, 10:31 AM): Hello, I'm a french guy, and I post this comment to say thank at Michael for is giveway

Terri Bowen (03.23.16, 8:03 PM): Great page and info

oğuz akdeniz (03.19.16, 7:30 PM): greet giveway..:)

Dmitriy Sukhanov (03.19.16, 3:40 PM): Awesome! Thanks!

Michael The Maven (03.17.16, 2:27 AM): Heather - check your spam folder and set it to safe, otherwise please contact We are currently offering the DSLR accessories video as a download for new newsletter subscribers, but at the end of the contest we will send out a discount code good for any video. So another month and you should get it. Thanks!

Heather Stouffer (03.16.16, 9:24 PM): I signed up for the newsletter but never received an email with the special discount code offer good for any of Michael's Training Videos & Gear. Disappointing because I have several of them already and had another one picked out that I wanted to buy with the discount code offer. :o(

Mano Michael (03.12.16, 11:41 AM): i want that camera

Michael The Maven (03.12.16, 12:06 AM): Yes Husin- It is worldwide, though we have to exclude any places that would prohibit such a contest by law. Best of luck to you!

J. Husin (03.11.16, 5:37 PM): Great giveaway! I hope it's worldwide? Would love to promote it with my referral link. ;)

Madeline del Valle (03.10.16, 2:55 AM): wont let me follow on Instagram. I tried every which way and nada, just wanted 2 let you know

maria cristina (03.07.16, 5:10 AM): great contest

Adnan Popara (03.05.16, 12:31 PM): Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

john grosso (03.04.16, 11:27 AM): great courses.mike explaines everything.