michael andrew (06.24.08, 12:26 AM): Heather- Id like to see that! Hi Lynda- I am based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama but work all over the country. Thanks for coming!

Heather (06.23.08, 3:31 PM): I'm loving the new things you are doing! The noise and grain in pic looks great! I think my fav is the one of them leaving though. For some reason, that is always one of my favorite shots. As always, you did a knock out job! Little jealous that I didn't get a pic with you several weeks back......I can do a mean lion look too!! *wink*


michael andrew (06.23.08, 11:42 AM): Thanks everyone for the comments- I really appreciate it. I used several lenses indoors (I think 6), but mostly 24-70 2.8 and 16-35 2.8, both Canon L Lenses. More changes to come, I can only implement a few new things at each wedding. Its exciting for me because I can see my new style in my mind, and I can see I am getting closer to it...not quite there yet. :)

anyone (06.23.08, 9:04 AM): very nice pictures. the little girl is so cute!! who did his hair?

Elizabeth (06.23.08, 12:36 AM): What a cool ring shot! I really like that...the picture of them walking out with petals (I think they are rose petals) flying and the one of the girl are so beautiful!!! As for your head, well, it's not THAT big...it's just the perspective and the fact that you have your mouth wide open that makes it look big...

Maxie (06.22.08, 9:53 PM): I'm not sure that I made it clear....WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!!!!!!

Maxie Kizzire (06.22.08, 1:25 PM): Michael, Like I told you last night, when Cameron told me your rates, I was a little surprised. Now I understand. You and your staff worked so hard and were very, very professionsl. Great job!!!!!!! Thank you.

Liz Belk (06.22.08, 10:30 AM): Michael, I saw the little girl and went right by it so I could see the other pictures of Cam and Ky, then I went back to show Tom, my husband and saw that the little girl is our niece, Millie. She is Va's (a bridesmaid) cousin. Man you are so good at your job!

Gary (06.22.08, 10:27 AM): I am really liking this new evolution of style!!! Some really great work Michael! Well done.

Melissa (06.22.08, 8:22 AM): What good pictures! It's a neat thing to see them actually being taken and then see the end result. Thanks for the opportunity! The wedding was beautiful & the people were wonderful...now if my feet and back will ever forgive me... :) Oh, that last picture is definitely a good example of perspectives at work. The picture was taken from a higher angle...and you were closer to the camera (actually, sort of in a pounce position...yeah, like a lion) so you would naturally look bigger. See? I'm putting my knowledge to work! ANYWAY. Thanks again for the opportunity! :)

Kathy (06.22.08, 7:11 AM): I see a different style coming out that's really cool! Love the candid of the child!!!!

Ray (06.22.08, 3:31 AM): Nice Pictures Michael. What Lens you did use for the ones inside?