K.Cox (12.08.08, 1:49 AM): Here I held out hope... That you were selective and waiting for a God-Given Match.

Sabine (08.02.08, 11:33 PM): Its hard to believe that someone as "perdy" as you are is single. Your dilemma seems obvious. You need a woman who is secure, not afraid to be herself, gladly does her own thing and preferably has a career of her own. I wish you luck in finding that special someone! She is out there somewhere! I have been blessed with a second husband whom I love dearly. (My first husband had passed away as a result of a automobile accident when I was 24 and my daughter only 2y) I hope you don't mind me asking, but how old/young are you?

Ray (07.13.08, 10:57 PM): Ladies I know what your thinking! Yes I do have times when I really, really get on her last nerve!! I do have selective hearing,as well as the "I don't remember you telling me that" fever spells oh ya and I snore LOL........

Ray (07.13.08, 10:53 PM): I gotta say I agree with Gary on this one after 16 years, I adore my wife, she is a beautiful Lady..........but sometimes!!!

Ginny BROCK (06.26.08, 1:23 PM): OMG...This is hilarious! It reminds me so much of my friend Brittany. Ha-ha!

Charlya (06.24.08, 12:27 PM): This is too funny! I stumbled across your site because I bought one of your Canon training DVD's. I love it. Great sense of humor and I love your work! Good luck finding your future wife...she's out there somewhere!

Jeni (06.23.08, 12:07 AM): I love to share the story with random people about you breaking up the girl in college b/c of the cream of mushroom soup. It's just so classic Mike Shiffler, and no one believes that I'm telling the full truth when I share that funny story. Now I have proof. What's super funny about this post is that there is a girl out there somewhere tied to each of these...so, I don't know how funny it will be to them, but it makes for great reading for the rest of us.

Elizabeth (06.22.08, 12:56 PM): Ha, loved this entry. You know, my cousin Michael and I had a long conversation about dating and marriage and stuff and I remember him saying that there is a lot to be said for being picky. I wholeheartedly agreed. Good luck Michael, she's out there.

michael andrew (06.22.08, 12:31 AM): lol...tracy- I forgot about that one...it wasnt your fault!

Kathy (06.21.08, 8:42 AM): Heather understands completely! :) I didn't pray for my husband because at the time, I didn't know how, but he'd been praying for me! The way God put us together was supernatural, and the things he's doing with us and through us is beyond anything I could ever have considered. Is he perfect? No. Am I? No. Do we argue or disagree? Sometimes. Does he ever annoy me or vise versa? Sure. But we get over it quickly. We don't expect perfection from each other and we don't run when there's a negative. We pray through it. For example, if there's something about him that's annoying me, I pray until he changes or until God changes my attitude. We don't have to argue or fuss! We have the same walk with God and a commitment to Him and each other to have the most Godly marriage we can. I'll say it again....Eph 5:22 is the picture of a Godly marriage. :)

Caroline (06.21.08, 8:41 AM): This is hillarious! But I have to say I could probably make a list of things that annoy me about Chris, but I could also right a LONG list of things that I love and adore about him. I think he would say the same for me.

Tracy (06.21.08, 8:19 AM): I think my favorite comment is to date with both eyes open and fall in love with one eye shut. SO true. I myself and been in one or more of the categories different times of my life. I swear my husband doesn't tell me stuff but I think now I fall in the asking the question repeatedly over a couple of weeks. I'm sad I never tried the fainting thing...OH the possibilities...I did think of another example for the mushroom category...this one involves perfume.....

kim (06.20.08, 11:47 PM): What makes you ask out a girl to begin with, what about her attracted you to her? How many chances to give before you cut them off? What, exactly, are you looking for? Gorgeous, tall, athletic, smart, blond, blue eyed?

Maria (06.20.08, 5:18 PM): so, I've been on in so. ca for the last 2 weeks and haven't checked in on your blog. LOL. I picked a great day to catch up. I can't stop laughing because I think every woman I know has problems like these. And, I will say, that when you find "the one", she too, will have qualities like these, but you will be able to put up with them. They won't be as annoying as they are now to you -- which just goes to show, you have NOT found the right girl yet. She's out there though. Keep looking, Michael! Nice wedding pics, by the way ....

Emily (06.20.08, 4:15 PM): None of the behaviors listed are acceptable. They are annoying! I'm with Michael on this one. He shouldn't have to tolerate that behavior for the sake of being in a relationship. Sure no one is perfect but there are plenty of people out there that aren't annoying. I think what he is trying to say is that he seems to be attracting the loonies!! Good luck Michael! I'm sure you will find someone that doesn't have obnoxious behaviors. We all deserve to be stoked on the person we decide to finally settle with. Keep looking! I'm still looking myself! (:

Melissa (06.20.08, 3:41 PM): You said, "most of them (normal women) are dating someone or are married." What you may or may not realize is that - *because* these women are dating or married, you probably just don't get to witness many of the behaviors you listed. I'm like Heather...I'm (ha, well, pretty sure that I'm) fairly normal, but I know I have fallen into a couple of those categories, depending on the time of day, month, or year. I guess what I'm getting at is that no one is 100% normal. Because those that are dating/married are not attached to you, per se, you just may not see some of the behaviors that you may find annoying or irritating. There's my 2-cents' worth!

Scott Roeben (06.20.08, 2:37 PM): And on a note unrelated to romance and God, have you ever seen this thing before, Michael? Maybe worthy of a post sometime...your impressions, or maybe they'd send you one to test! http://lensbabies.co.uk/index.php

Heather (06.20.08, 12:52 PM): You know what I think strikes me about this the most? If Mark were to type his list out, he would probably list some of these exact things and I've got to admit that I KNOW I fall into several of the catagories. Yes, my name is Heather Odom and I've been known to ask the same question several times. I've been known to be a "cutter off". I've even been known to be a "one upper" (especially when it comes to my kids). Am I proud of these things, No! I've even caught myself in mid sentence before and thought, "gosh Heather you've got to stop that!". I know I am flawed in MANY ways! But there are things that my husband does that could absolutely drive me crazy if I allowed it too. When I was 21, I made a list of things I wanted in a mate. It listed things like....1)put God first in every situation 2) wonderful job and great provider 3) same morals and values that I grew up with 4) wanted a family etc...... I listed about 20 different things. I put that list in my Bible and began to pray over it. I knew that my soul mate was out there and that God did not intend for me to settle. And settle I didn't! I can tell you that I still have that list and Mark is everything I listed plus some. Is he perfect....NO! I think anyone in a marriage will tell you that it's the "little" things that get under your skin the most. But, if you're sincere in your prayer and are asking with an open heart for the Lord to send you exactly who he has in mind for you.....he will do so! And I promise you this.....when the Lord sends that person along....even if she has a few of these characteristics it won't matter. Good Luck Michael!! She's out there!

kim (06.20.08, 12:14 PM): sorry to break it to you but you don't know any normal women. All women, ALL women have one or more of these personality "issues", even if you are friends with a woman that doesn't seem to have these issues the minute you date them you will find something you don't like. There will always be something to pick out whether it is seen before you marry or after you marry.

Gary (06.20.08, 10:11 AM): OMG, this was hilarious and serious at the same time Michael. Yes I feel you when you point these things out, which I myself have been a victim of (before I got married). But the real way I think to deal with this is you need to pick out the most frustrating of the lot and then once these are not an issue try your best to work out the others by proper communication. It worked for me, and know that NO ONE shall ever be perfect. My father told me this before I got seriously involved: "When in a relationship keep both eyes open, and when you fall in love close one eye."

Karen (06.20.08, 6:33 AM): Don't worry about being picky. If you display the same kind of pride, committment and dedictation in finding a woman to love as you do in making a beautiful photograph, then someday you will be truly happy and you will make someone else truly happy. The fainter....seriously???

Kathy (06.20.08, 6:04 AM): You are learning some very important things in your dating....God's showing you what you don't want, and that's a huge lesson, and it sounds like so far you have not settled for less than who He has planned for you. Make a list of everything you want in a woman and pray for God to send her....

Kjersti (06.20.08, 3:43 AM): Michael, I don't think she exists :-) Women are just different than men. I did get a kick out of your list. I probably have been at fault for asking a question twice. I did that with you and I am just an acquaintance. That was pretty bad. Have you ever asked the women, who know you best, why they think you are still single? You have to ask the people who will be brutally honest with you. I did that recently with some of my male friends and it was a bit of an eye opener for me. I'm now working on those things. Who knows, maybe it will work. I have nothing to lose at this point.

Scott Roeben (06.20.08, 2:21 AM): Dude! Your profession means you interact with virtually HUNDREDS of drunken, weepy-eyed bridesmaids each year. Certainly no shortage of viable candidates. I found that I met more off-kilter women when I didn't have MY stuff together. People are who they are, but I think we're ready when we're ready, and that "one" special person won't arrive in our lives before we're ready. The universe is just making things easier on you. You don't want to meet the "kind-of-one" before you're ready to do it right, once and for all.