michael andrew (06.19.08, 7:57 PM): I dont know how it happens either, sometimes its all one blur... The DVD will be very helpful for both Elements and Photoshop users, but it is geared mailny towards the full version users. We recently tried a way to get plug-ins to use Lollipops and the colors looked different so I will have to say, unfortunately Lollipops will not work in Elements. :( Thanks for asking though!

Heather (06.19.08, 10:50 AM): As busy as you are....I'm not sure how you get done what you do as it is. Thanks so much for working so hard on this. I know it will be worth the wait!!!

Kathy (06.19.08, 5:56 AM): I don't have Photoshop CS but I do have Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 and Adobe lightroom. Will this training DVD be useful to me? And will Lollipops work with my software?

Gary (06.19.08, 12:18 AM): We shall wait for a better product Michael, we trust your judgment! Hey you have never failed us, thanks for the extra effort and energy put into this product. I know it shall be great!