michael andrew (06.26.08, 2:59 AM): hi april- its absolutely ok. :)

April (06.24.08, 5:47 PM): I really enjoy your photographs and reading your witty blog. I linked your site to my personal blog by way of a fantastic photo of yours. I just wanted to make sure that was okay. Thanks.

Ginny BROCK (06.24.08, 12:27 PM): Michael Andrew Schiffler! How dare you post those gorgeous pictures of me?! Who do you think you are?! Ha-ha! I love the "strategery" in making me look taller. One of the many reasons we love you! Thanks a million!

Scott (06.24.08, 11:19 AM): Wow.

Heather (06.24.08, 11:11 AM): Amazing how the simplest things can make the biggest impact!

Maria (06.24.08, 10:44 AM): good to know! Really, something so simple, making SUCH a difference. I have a quick ? for you. I'm trying to resale my old ring and I'm taking pics of it with my simple canon powershot -- the pics aren't coming out well at all. Any suggestions?

Elizabeth Moon (06.24.08, 9:25 AM): Hey I was one of the Amazon bridesmaids in Ginny's wedding (third from right). Love the photos--I wish I'd heard of you when I got married! I am working on my photography skills, taking classes, etc, and I saw that you went to a Shoot Shop. That is amazing. Hopefully I'll get to do that one of these days!

Gary (06.24.08, 12:12 AM): Great shot, great lesson!