Karen (06.15.08, 12:25 PM): Yep. I love some Waffle House too!!

kjersti (06.15.08, 5:18 AM): A photographer contacted me and told me about a site called SmugMug that he uses for his business. Have you heard about it? Not sure if they provide any services that might be helpful for your business or not.

michael andrew (06.15.08, 12:00 AM): man...I am dead tired. Just finished another wedding tonight....Im going to crash....be excited...be VERY EXCITED. Great pics coming.

Ashley Aynes (06.14.08, 3:07 PM): I can't wait to see the pictures of Ginny and Neal's wedding! It was good to see you last night. I'm sorry our conversation got cut short. I really wanted to see the pictures. I just know they'll be amazing!

Melissa B. (06.14.08, 11:27 AM): You know...Ft. Payne is close to where I'm from...I'm sure I have family you could have stayed with! Mentone also has some great places to stay. Anyway, I think it's funny...some people play with their food....and then there are those of us in the world that take pictures of it! Looks delicious!