Laura (06.13.08, 12:45 PM): Oops! I think I figured it out...ok, I feel dumb now. LOL!! It is a tool that can be purchased from you, however is not compatible with PS Elements 6. I would love to purchase it, but it is not compatible with my version of PS. :(

Laura (06.13.08, 12:04 PM): So the actual Lollipop tool can be purchased from you??

michael andrew (06.13.08, 9:40 AM): hey Gary- Those are the tools in PS CS3. Hi Laura- Lollipops are a set of actions I have personally developed for the purpose of enhancing colors within an image. They can only be used in PS, CS, CS2, and CS3 and can be ordered from my store. :)

Gary (06.13.08, 8:50 AM): Excitement is burning. That video was soo great! I hope our PS training video is just like that!!! I am soo pumped, and I love lollipops colors and tones that they produce. Woo Hoo!! BTW What are all those icons to the left of PS at the mac dock?

Laura (06.13.08, 7:53 AM): Hi Michael, I was wondering, is Lollipops in the Photoshop Elements 6 or is it in the new one, CS3?