Tracy (06.06.08, 5:52 PM): truly sad...that after your review of Indy it makes the list of better things to do then see this movie. At least you've saved me from wasting my money. Thanks again.

george (06.06.08, 5:19 PM): i dont know who in his right mind would see this movie after watching the previews.....and this comes from a big A sandler's fan. When i saw the "feet kicking while not moving the torso" bit in the previews, i said, "Wow! how low and stupid can you go?

michael andrew (06.06.08, 12:01 PM): my only hope is that I can save a few hungry movie searching souls from watching these movies....

Gary (06.06.08, 11:42 AM): This seems to be happening alot lately! I hope the upcoming "supposed block busters" are not flops also. I totally felt your pain with Indiana Jones, it was very disappointing.