Wilson (05.11.12, 10:34 AM): I too already fired my VAs from two companies. Now, I am with Lifenzyme and so far so good. I will keep you posted on the progress

Heather Odom (06.05.08, 1:23 PM): can't believe that they missed your call on Monday and then wanted to still reschedule! Unbelievable! I was so hoping you were going to have good luck with them so it would help take some of your load off. Hey, didn't you tell me that you had someone who put your albums (coffee book style) together for you? I'm getting a lot of interest in these and wanted to check into it further.

Scott Roeben (06.05.08, 12:49 PM): Thanks for the update. I had high hopes for these folks! I think this idea is a good one, but its success is definitely contingent on the results. One of my original questions was about what kinds of tasks they were likely to be able to provide (in any meaningful way). Your requests seem perfectly reasonable. Maybe, unfortunately, you get what you pay for, and good help is (still) hard to find.

michael andrew (06.05.08, 11:55 AM): thats my plan...I would like to try this with someone who is more on the ball. PS- I just got my invoice from them....a week after I canceled! LOL!

george (06.05.08, 11:04 AM): dont give up. so, they suck. try someone else. you can definetely use the extra set of hands.

Elizabeth (06.05.08, 12:59 AM): That TOTALLY sucks Michael...wow, I can't believe she just copy/pasted the instructions for Amazon, that's crazy. If you need those anytime soon, I can do that for you in about two seconds, seriously. So did you get any of your money back, I don't remember if you mentioned anything about a money back guarantee...

Gary (06.04.08, 11:56 PM): Michael, so sorry to hear that this venture did not work out. But at least you realized now than later so in a way you saved yourself alot of pain. An idea I have for you is that if you look to say schools, and the students who many have great talents with programming and also doing research etc. This generation of kids are very web savvy and it could be an avenue for you to look at, especially with your prior teaching experience.