Lisa Dobson (07.15.08, 6:55 PM): I can't find Elise's wedding photos

Lisa Dobson (07.15.08, 6:54 PM): I can't find Elise's wedding photos

Lisa Dobson (06.05.08, 5:19 PM): Thanks, Michael, for capturing my granddaughter's beauty. The first one is fantastic! Lisa

Elizabeth (06.05.08, 1:06 AM): I LOVE the first one, her eyes look amazing! Very beautiful. And I am LOVING that bracelet shot, both because that should be used for a commercial and because that bracelet is simply fantastic, I want it!! :)

michael andrew (06.04.08, 9:41 PM): hey boz! Usually before, sometimes depends on the bride. :)

Boz (06.04.08, 8:40 PM): Great shots Michael ! do you normally do Bridal shoots before the wedding? p.s. I'm all colours now-Lovin' the Lollipops!!! Maria- I love your "dilema" - that's Great!

michael andrew (06.04.08, 7:58 PM): :) Wow! Thats great to hear! There is no greater compliment to you as a photographer Maria! Id love to see some of them.

Maria (06.04.08, 6:31 PM): awesome pics, of course! But, I mainly wanted to thank you. I've watched your video and studied up a bit. Took some pics and when I went to pic them up, they would not give them to me. They thought they were copyrighted. So, I had to go back home and prove that I had the camera with the pictures on them. Thanks, Michael!

dan r (06.04.08, 1:33 PM): love the first!