Sheila Crumbley (05.31.08, 11:52 PM): Michael, Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful photos of Marie & Preston. You did an outstanding job of capturing these precious moments in time for all of us to enjoy. I felt like I had been there to share in the joy of this family.

Alicia (05.29.08, 4:21 PM): Wonderful pictures! Thank you for posting them & sharing the wonderful day with those of us who could not attend.

Ryan Gunnells (05.28.08, 11:46 PM): OH NO! We are going to Catalina Island the same time you are going to be here in San Diego. I wish I had known you were coming so we could have gotten to see you. I don’t know what workshop you're going to, but our neighbor is a photographer, and I've shown her your website and she’s seen our wedding album you made for us. Tell me the name of the workshop, and I'll see if she’s going.

michael andrew (05.28.08, 1:57 PM): Hey DeeAnn! I will be out in San Diego on the 9th-11th for a photography workshop!

DeeAnn Gunnells (05.28.08, 1:16 PM): I absolutely LOVE the pictures. I really wish that I could have been there. Thank you so much for capturing the beauty of their special day so that I can witness it for myself. I will be back from my 7 month deployment in 5 days. I have kept up with your bolg while I have been gone. I am so happy for all your sucess. Please come visit us if you are ever in San Diego.

Keith and Susan Dill (05.28.08, 11:53 AM): Michael, You did an awesome job! We are all so thankful that Doreen "found you" and that you were able to capture these moments. Keith and I look forward to our 50th (only 28 more years!) and we hope that we are able to find someone as talented as you to cover our big day. Thanks for what you did and for your patience with us all.

michael andrew (05.27.08, 10:57 PM): hey Doreen, Marie and Preston and everyone! Thank you so much for your very nice comments- your pictures are in the mail and on the way. I had a wonderful day with you yesterday. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

Angie Brown (05.27.08, 8:25 PM): I loved the pictures. You did a great job capturing the personality of my parents and the love they still share. Thank you for helping make their day so special. We will definitely enjoy these pictures and cherish this memory.

Doreen Pepper (05.27.08, 6:26 PM): WOW! After a long day at work after being off for Memorial Day I was able to finally enjoy your posts & pictures from the 50th celebration. I think this is one of the best things you do - to post your reflections & chosen pictures from every event that you shoot. I was actually looking forward to reading your thoughts & feelings from the event & seeing what pictures you would put with it more than anything. You are such a talented, amazing young man that transcends so many levels in capturing a treasured event in photography. WE LOVE YOU! & we always look forward to your successes. To all those out there wanting to record life's precious moments Michael is the one to show it & tell like like no one else!

cristina4p (05.27.08, 1:53 PM): 50 years ago they hired a photographer to capture their wedding, they were young and had no idea what the future would be like.And now they look at the pictures while they celebrate their 50th anniversary and taking other pictures.This is beautiful. And wow ,Michael, you really know how to tell a story in pictures.Wonderful photos and very impressing.

Pansy and Lyle Bigham (05.27.08, 1:29 PM): Michael, it was a delight to see you again and enjoy our chats together. Your presentation of Marie and Preston's anniversary celebration was fantastic. Your excellent photography and comments on the captions will be treasured for years to come. Not only are you a skilled photographer, but you are superb in capturing the meaning of each moment. We hope to see you again.

Preston and Marie Dill (05.27.08, 12:38 PM): We loved the photos and comments on your blog. Thank you so much for making our day special with the outstanding photography.

Scott (05.27.08, 12:26 PM): Great shots and amazing story! I guess this is one of those cases where being a photographer really does transcend being "just a job."

Priscila (05.27.08, 12:08 PM): OMG, how wonderful. That must've been a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing with us.

Maria (05.27.08, 11:28 AM): 50 years! Wow, that is really something to celebrate. How awesome that they chose "you" to capture this part of their life.

Preston Dill (05.27.08, 11:11 AM): Michael, Marie and I want to extend our deep felt thanks for the work you did in covering our 50th. We especially appreciated the extra effort from you at The Victoria Inn. Folks, had you been there you would say something like "I wonder if I could get him to cover our event." Marie and I certainly recommend his work.

Gary (05.27.08, 9:54 AM): Absolutely wonderful!! To be married after fifty years, much less, to be happy and full of life and ready for fifty more. God bless them!

Kjersti (05.27.08, 1:37 AM): You really have captured their romantic story. The wedding dress photos are priceless.