Dad (05.26.08, 11:38 PM): Also, I am glad you LOWERED my level of expectation. Thanks Mike, it really improved my enjoyment.

Dad (05.26.08, 11:36 PM): I liked it.

Jason (05.22.08, 9:14 PM): Dang...I saw a couple of the quips on the previews and really was hoping the whole movie wasn't like that...guess it sold out to cheesiness.

Elizabeth (05.22.08, 7:53 PM): NOOOOOO!!! And I was so looking forward to this. Dang it!

michael andrew (05.22.08, 1:54 PM): tell me about it..... :(

Casey (05.22.08, 1:08 PM): That's so disappointing!!

Gary (05.22.08, 11:55 AM): Advice totally noted!!! LOL !!

michael andrew (05.22.08, 11:06 AM): Hey Gary- this is one of those movies you might want to skip on DVD as

Gary (05.22.08, 8:59 AM): Wow! Now that is what I call blatant honesty! Thanks for the realistic view about the movie Mike, I think I'll wait for it on DVD.

susan (05.22.08, 5:40 AM): Uggg....I echo you're "that was awful!!!" and add to it..."you've gotta be kidding me!!!" and "seriously?". I rolled my eyes so much that I have a headache and signed to the point of dizziness. There were a few...and I mean FEW funny parts but overall....I would advise: "save your $9.50!"