Michael Pfau (01.20.15, 3:21 PM): Michael, I enjoyed your nx1, 7dII shootout. I have the NX1 and like it a lot. I am primarily a landscape shooter. If you want to see why this camera has exceed many people please do the following: Make sure you have firmware 1.10 installed. A more advanced firmware 1.20 will appear shortly addressing many of the issues videogeapghws have raised, but back to the notion of IQ. Shoot the same landscape with both cameras. Convert the NX1 RAW VIA Samsung DNG converter. The conversions are natural, chock full of resolution and quite remarkable.. Michael, I could have bought a D810 or an A7r, but didn't. Samsung has a 12-24mm. WA zoom which gives edge to edge sharpness I have not seen in either theA7r or 810. Play around a bit and I think you'll be very surprised. If by chance you produce a teaching video I and many others will buy. Sincerely, Michael Pfau