L.L. (03.31.15, 3:25 PM): While I don't disagree with the results... I think to make the test more fair you should use the same lens. Both of them being 24-70mm f/2.8's doesn't really mean they're the same. There are a lot of lenses that are made for both systems, like sigma arts or something. Inspecting where two adjacent stops are no longer visible sounds a little suspect too... your eyes can tire... on one day, you might be able to spot the difference between 38 and 39, and on other days you can't. One reviewer also noted that with identical settings, under test conditions, the nikon consistently had a brighter, somehow more-exposed image. By almost a full stop. That would of course give nikon a big edge in noise and DR, if they just inherently let in more light. You might need to normalize exposure. One last thing I'd be curious about... there seem to be two flavors of noise according to LR and every other program, luminance and color noise. Almost every program (including the NR option built into the camera) can kill color noise easily. I'd be curious to see how the results look with 100% color noise removal, and untouched luminance.

Brian (11.21.14, 7:53 PM): About 1-2/3 stops for the D750, possibly 2 stops. A little less than the other website you reference which is gives about 2-2/3 stops.

Oscar (11.01.14, 8:24 AM): Hello Michael ! I didnt get the results. The Dinamic Range in the Nikon is better beause of the quality of the blacks and grays?