mark iuzzolino (10.02.08, 12:34 PM): Michael, in the manual it says not to take pictures of the sun. Will doing this kind of photography damage the sensor? Mark from NJ

brenda (09.05.08, 2:45 PM): i am so glad i came across your blog. i have been wanting to figure out how to do this kind of picture for so long now. i am going to practice getting this kind of shot all weekend long! thanks so much!!! :-)

michael andrew (05.29.08, 9:52 PM): My pleasure! :)

Yusoff Rahmat (05.29.08, 8:39 PM): Thanks 4 Sharing Michael. Appreciate It.

Gary (05.29.08, 5:03 PM): Thanks Michael!

Melissa (05.29.08, 2:12 PM): Very cool! Thanks for the info! :)