michael andrew (05.21.08, 1:25 PM): I like it when you guys tell me what you think of the movies I post here, speaking of which.....Indiana Jones opens tomorrow!

Melissa (05.21.08, 12:25 PM): My mom said she didn't care to see it in the theater, but my brother and I went to see it anyway, and I'm really glad we did, even though we had to sit in the front and I had a neck cramp by halfway point, it was FANTASTIC.

Casey (05.19.08, 10:41 AM): I saw it this weekend as well. Great movie! There were a lot of battle scenes, but very little blood (only on scratched faces, etc.) I enjoyed it much more than the first one. It was very well done.

Elizabeth (05.17.08, 1:03 AM): Oh good, I was hoping it would be good. I am hoping to see it tomorrow.