Heather Odom (05.16.08, 8:05 PM): I'm so anxious to hear how this is works for you. I'm very interested about hiring a web designer and this sounds like it might be the best route as far as $$ goes. Very smart thinking with the prepaid card!!

Scott (05.16.08, 2:18 PM): I'm so excited that you're acting as the guinea pig on this one! I was thinking the same thing about having them investigate and hire a Web developer for me, so I'm anxious to see how your scenario goes!

michael andrew (05.16.08, 1:53 PM): my understanding is that this is one of the best VA companies in the world. They screen their employees who have to go through back ground and security checks in addition to speaking English proficiently. They will do just about anything you need that is legal and doesnt require them to be there. Can be a huge time saver if used wisely. Because the power of the dollar is so much stronger there, you can hire a Masters Level educated VA for $7-10 an hour. You can get Phds for $14-16. Similar services are available in the US, but because this is run out of India, you can get so much more bang for your buck, and from what I hear, these guys are very, very good.

Gary (05.16.08, 11:09 AM): WOW!! That is really TOTAL service! I am amazed at how much they do. Is this all offsite meaning out of the USA, because I would wonder the quality and availability of product.

michael andrew (05.16.08, 9:47 AM): the cost only covers their work time, I may need them to hire a web programmer, by me a lens or send a card to a client, depends on what my needs are. This allows them to purchase things on my behalf.

Gary (05.16.08, 8:56 AM): Great idea going this route to prtect your credit card privacy. One thing I wanted to ask though, what exactly do they need to purchase on your behalf? I thought it would have been an all inclusive cost to operate the team.