michael andrew (05.17.08, 10:12 AM): thanks so much Kjersti! We all appreciate your referrals. Thats what the school is for, to be a free reference for anyone and everyone who wants to learn, no matter where they live or what they are shooting with. :)

Kjersti (05.17.08, 4:30 AM): Oh yeah, my friend's dad also had a canon camera and has been reading books on photography and getting tips from friend's as well, so of course I gave him your site address as well. Turns out graduations are a good place for me to network for you :-)

Kjersti (05.17.08, 3:48 AM): I went to my friend's graduation tonight. I saw this guy with a nice Canon camera and all sorts of accessories. I stopped and asked him if he had taken classes and he said that he just has been getting tips from friends. At that point, I just had to give him your website address. He seemed really excited about it. Hopefully he will visit the site!

michael andrew (05.15.08, 11:57 PM): :) ya...one day.....I will do the Nikons.... not yet tho...hang in there!

Kathy (05.14.08, 7:55 PM): Sigh...wish you had done one on Nikon D200

Casey (05.14.08, 9:21 AM): Good for you! Congratulations on finishing that up and getting them out the door!

Gary (05.14.08, 1:54 AM): Well done Michael another great achievement!!