michael andrew (05.17.08, 12:29 AM): thanks Boz...yes- several were Lollipoped. :)

Boz (05.16.08, 5:57 AM): I Love your vibrant colours from this wedding, Wondering if this was upped with your popsicles solftware any? Beautiful Job.

michael andrew (05.13.08, 5:28 PM): It was up in Bham this last weekend. Can you tell which photo was Lollipopped Green and which one wasnt? Big difference....

Caroline (05.13.08, 2:58 PM): Beautiful! Where was this wedding?

Becky Busby (05.12.08, 12:13 PM): These are awesome! Looking forward the seeing the rest! Becky

Amy Langner (05.12.08, 8:19 AM): The pictures are breath-taking! Cannot wait to see the rest!! You and Casey were wonderful to work with!! Thank you for being part of our special day!! Amy

Casey (05.11.08, 5:59 PM): Michael, thanks for such a great opportunity. I learned SO MUCH yesterday. I continue to learn as I think over the day and all that we talked about. For the rest of you, if you ever get the opportunity to join Michael on a shoot, jump on it! You just better beat me to it!

Gary (05.11.08, 1:21 PM): Michael is at the rear left hand side of the pool? Shots are beautiful and I wish I could have been there. The color looks somewhat different with this wedding. The first shot of the bride is WOW, love the exposure and the rings are also a favorite! Nice simple location to, all outdoors!