Robert Mora (06.24.14, 2:49 PM): Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to do this review. I am the team photographer for the LA Galaxy soccer club and I was thinking about investing in the GH4 to supplement my game coverage. In an case, many thanks, wish you the best.

Michael Andrew (06.24.14, 2:35 AM): @Francois- I may have not understood perfectly, but you can do most of these things. I would change exposure with the control wheels mainly, but yes there is touch exposure control during video.

francois lucas (06.23.14, 2:17 PM): Hi Thank you for your videos I have few questions (excuse me if my english is not so good) : 1) during recording a video, is focus peaking always visible, or is it only visible during few seconds after we touch the focus ring (i hote it's always visible, to see when we loose focus) 2) is there a way to do this : a sort of instant aufocusing : during recording a video, touch the screen somewhere to say "focus on this now, and after that lock the focus". The things explained in p 109 of the manual for advanced users seems to be a such feature, but it don't say if it works during recording a video. If it mean that we can instant autofocus during recording a video in manual focus mode that's really a great feature. 3) is there a way to do tha same as 2) but for the exposure (The things explained in page 90 of the manual for advanced users seems to be a such feature, but it don't say if it is working during recording video). This would be a great feature too. 4) If the response for 2) and 3) is "yes, this is working", could they work together, i mean : - without changing ùenu configuration, during a video recording, can you do instant focusing by touching [AF] and then the region the screen when you want it to autofocus, and then choose to do an instant autoexpose (by touching the icon with the hand and "EA") , by touching the screen where you want it to instant autoexpose, and after why not do a manual focus with the ring (of course all this with the focus peaking always shown), and after that change manualy exposure, and do those things again and again during the same video recording, controling manually focus and exposure, and eventually winstant-focus, or instant exposure ? If all this is possible the GH4 is very great. Those features are all needed for shooting live events. I have a GH2 and with it, i can do a af lock before recording, and while recording touch the screen ti do an autofocus on the region, but then there is no way to lock autofocus again. And also with gh2 if you put autofocus and for example speed priority, if you change focus region by touching the screen, it also change exposure region, witch is not very good. The fact that it could be independantly would be a very good feature. Thanks for readink and thanks a lot i

Marlon Aguirre (06.22.14, 12:37 PM): Great review as usual Michael - Thanks. Have you tried any of the Fuji X systems, particularly the Fuji X-T1? Heard a lot of rave reviews about them for stills. How about your review as well :-) ? Best Regards.