Kathy (05.05.08, 8:37 PM): I like this shot alot. I tried it tonight with my 50mm 1.4 but the only subject I could find was my dog but she wasn't very cooperative. :)

michael andrew (05.05.08, 6:10 PM): Hi Boz- Its the 50mm 1.4 lens, I think its about $309 at BhPhoto.com. I am working on several videos, we have the XSi video being released this week, the Photoshop video next and then the lighting video. The Wedding Photographer Crash Course will probably be released mid-summer.

Heather Odom (05.05.08, 3:57 PM): Once again....the tip is awesome! Gotta love the fact that a shot has been named after you!!! :)

Elizabeth (05.05.08, 1:53 PM): He has AMAZING eyes...I love the pictures you took of me using this shot...

Boz (05.05.08, 1:20 PM): Hey, this is perfect timing - I was just looking at getting a 50mm prime lens for my 40D, could you tell us the model number you use? PS. I would love the opportunity to do that wedding with you on Saturday, sadley even if I got the chance the 1500km travel could make things a challenge. Have you ever had someone video you doing a wedding or two - I would buy that!!!

Gary (05.05.08, 11:19 AM): Very Cool and interesting! Thanks for the lesson. Talking about lessons when are the videos carded to be released?