michael andrew (05.12.08, 2:05 AM): auburn has beaten alabama 6 times in a row.

george (05.08.08, 9:38 AM): she has orange and blue, so that's gotta be UF gators (where i went to school). 6 SEC titles for Gators and none for Bama? he-he i thought they were "allowed" to win one or two.? :) so what's the answer.

Elizabeth (05.02.08, 1:48 AM): Man I love that last picture, that's awesome. I am moving back out there for a while to wrap up my degree, hopefully will be done by the winter. Hopefully number seven doesn't happen while I am there! :)

michael andrew (05.02.08, 12:49 AM): yes....it involves sports....any ideas anyone who doesnt know? lol There are several clues in their attire.

Gary Jordan (05.01.08, 10:43 PM): Ok, great shots as usual especially the bride to be jumping. But clueless on the 6 thing. Does it have to do with sports????

Maria (05.01.08, 10:04 PM): I am clueless. Is it an Alabama insider thing? The 6 fingers, that is.

Heather Odom (05.01.08, 9:57 PM): 2 Comments - Great Shots & WAR EAGLE!!!!

michael andrew (05.01.08, 8:12 PM): Thank you Elise and Angela! I had a great time yesterday Elise- I am really looking forward to your bridal shoot and wedding! :)

Angela Dobson (05.01.08, 10:03 AM): Love the pics. Can't wait to see more. Tell me you're kidding about the 6 fingers. Anyone that resides in Alabama should know the significance of that symbol. Next year 7!

Elise Dobson (05.01.08, 9:31 AM): i had a blast yesterday!!! i believe that the reason i had so much fun was because i had such a GREAT photographer. lol!!!! i can't wait to see what amazing pictures michael will take on our wedding day.