Scott (04.30.08, 7:14 PM): Definitely appreciate hearing the specifics of a shot like this, mostly because to normal people this shot is nothing short of IMPOSSIBLE. If you're ever bored, can you talk about the difference between exposure compensation and flash exposure compensation and how they interact (if they do)? Exposure compensation in general is kind of a head scratcher. Great shot!

Jonni (04.30.08, 5:29 AM): Absolutely! Very helpful and very much appreciated!

Heather Odom (04.29.08, 1:59 PM): I have yet to find any tips and/or advice that you give not helpful. Thanks once again for taking so much time to make us better! LOVE the shot!

Boz (04.29.08, 1:46 PM): Love the shot, and very helpful info, looking forward to trying it.

Gary (04.29.08, 9:46 AM): Very Helpful and appreciated!

George Barna (04.29.08, 9:38 AM): Very helpful! Keep it coming! Thanks!

george (04.29.08, 9:29 AM): yes, i find it helpful. and i know all about the Dutch Tilt from your DVD, which is amazing.