Teri (05.22.15, 3:40 PM): Not to mention if you buy a ticket for 1500.00 and can't use it- try to apply toward your next USAIR flight , if the new ticket is less than the old ticket you lose residual and still pay the penalty up front. All travel too must be completed 1year from date of issue, whereas with United, as long as you have your ticket reissued before 1 year has lapsed, technically you can get 2 years of use. Keep residuals is thievery

mike (10.30.14, 10:32 AM): Going through the same shit... US airways told me 30days to wait... now i have to wait up to 90 days.... still no refund

Abraham (04.13.14, 11:37 PM): Wow. Thanks! Too many options out there for flying. This info makes it easy for me to scratch out AA from my list.

hd (04.13.14, 8:58 PM): Best to use a credit card for this stuff as you can call and contest the charges if they aren't reversed.

Matt (04.11.14, 11:57 PM): Thanks for the info!